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The weight loss for summer | Proven Weight Loss Tips For Summers

No "lose weight for the summer"! It became known why in the winter you cannot go on a diet

The weight loss for summer is important because winter is the time to lose weight and get ready for the holiday season and the beach. Especially after New Year's salads. However, doctors think otherwise: according to nutritionist-immunologist Marina Apletaeva, frost is not the time to give up dense food and fatty foods. It is especially not recommended to go on a diet with a sharply reduced calorie content.

Lose weight for the summer

Apletaeva noted that a sharp decrease in calories can lead to a decrease in the protective functions of the body - that is, to a decrease in immunity.

For weight loss for summer “We need to eat more fatty foods. It is better in this case to consume more milk fat. Because many structures of our body, for example, the lungs, actively consume fats. I mean, for their defences. All milk fats contain vitamin A in its pure form, and we do not need to convert it from the same carrots, ”the specialist said.

The nutritionist stressed that at this time the body especially needs vitamin A, which protects the upper respiratory tract from the penetration of viruses and bacteria (and do not forget that the coronavirus has not disappeared anywhere). Apletaeva advised to use more milk - both in its pure form (if there are no contraindications), and add it to coffee in the morning.

“Eggs also contain animal fats in a good balance. Well, this is a source of complete protein necessary for the synthesis of antibodies. Butter is also good to include now in the diet. We still, of course, need vitamin D. You can even increase its amount during the frost period. If we talk about food, then fish is the only complete source of this vitamin, ”the doctor summed up.

Do not forget that in autumn and winter, people usually have an increased appetite and physical activity decreases. Many people spend the New Year holidays in front of the TV with a bowl of Olivier, and it is logical that with such a lifestyle, one cannot hide from extra pounds. Anastasia Zhdanova, general practitioner, and deputy head physician for medical work at Invitro called the appearance of fat a natural process - this is how the body survives the cold. So you will have time to lose weight in the spring.