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The latest Android update | Android 13 new updates


The latest Android update brings some new features, including a highly anticipated widget.

 Google announced on its official blog several upcoming news for Android owners. The upcoming changes will bring a much-anticipated widget, some fun news, and something that will help people struggling with dyslexia and vision problems.

 Google announces new Android features

The latest Android update

The first of the unique novelties is the YouTube widget, which will allow for very easy access to the search engine and several other elements of this platform. An overlay placed on the home screen will give the user access to the search bar, Shorts tab, library or current subscriptions.

Video lovers will also appreciate that the December Android update will also bring something new to Google TV. From now on, with one click you will be able to transfer the watched material from your smartphone directly to the TV screen. What's more, our phone will be able to serve as a remote control, but at the same time, you can use it to browse, for example, websites.

 Android is here to help

 Improvements related to Android Reading have not been forgotten. This is a spectrum of display options that can be customized to your preferences. This function is aimed at people with dyslexia as well as those with vision problems. The Read Aloud feature can be especially helpful.

You can easily edit the volume level and the speed at which the text is read. There was also the option to change the font size, colours and brightness. Android Reading is available through the Google Play store - just download it to your device.

Combining emoticons and photo collages

Now it's time for entertainment, basically two new and quite fun features in Android. The December system update from Google will allow users to enter the so-called. Kitchen Emoji. A new option will allow you to combine emojis. Creatives will be available, for example, in Google News.

Another thing, although also about combining, is the function of creating collages from photos from our gallery. Just select two to six photos from our Google photo gallery and click 'Add to', then choose your collage.

 New Wear OS features

The tiles that users use to view their favourite contacts and other information - including weather-related information - will now look better. Google says that the Google Keep app has also been improved.

In addition, with the latest Android updates, Google Assistant will be able to start tracking activity using the Adidas Running app. The program will be launched with the appropriate command and will start collecting data on our physical effort during running or other types of sports.