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King of Avalon Hack Cheats – Add Unlimited Gold Online [2018]

Have you ever dreamed of ruling your own kingdom? Now you got the chance by playing King of Avalon on your smartphone. It is one of the best middle-age games that is available on the Appstore and Playstore. The only downside of the game is that you need to play for a long time to make some progress. Many people get weak at some point and start to invest money into the game in exchange for premium resources. We got a much better alternative for you guys, the first ever working King of Avalon Hack is now running. It can generate bigger amounts of resources than you could purchase. The best about it is that the cheats tool is free to use and will stay free forever.

Does the King of Avalon Hack work for real?

Yes, it does but if you don’t trust us you can feel free to visit the King of Avalon Hack blog and convince yourself if it does or not. On YouTube you can also find a lot of guides and videos where people are showing how they are using the resource generator.

Is the tool hard to understand?

The generator has been kept as simple as possible to ensure that most of the visitors understand what to do even without watching a tutorial. Those of you that need some help can read our instructions below to ensure that you won’t have any problems to generate your resources. As I showed this to my thirteen years old brother he was able to use it only with a few hints of me and he has never used such a tool before.

How to use the King of Avalon Hack correctly

This is for all of you who do not think that they will get the hack working without a helping hand. We will start right away, so you just have to follow the few steps below and afterwards you will receive the resources.

  1. Type your King of Avalon username into the first field.
  2. Select which type of smartphone you are using (iOS / Android).
  3. Enter the required amounts of Gold, Food, Wood and Iron.
  4. Press the button below the hacks interface.
  5. Wait for your resources to arrive.

Important: Do not use the King of Avalon Hack Tool more then once a day!


What are the Risks?

The game developers aim is to sell as many in-game currency as they can so they will not tolerate anyone that generates them. But the thing is they cannot find out from where you have got all the resources so they can’t do anything against it. This gets caused by many powerful security features, these hide all the data that is being transferred between the King of Avalon Online Hack and the games server. For example an in-built 256-bit AES encryption gets combined with several private proxies. This will hide your identity as well as all the sent data from thirds who should not be able to see it.

Can you recommend it?

I can definitely vouch for the King of Avalon Hack, this is by far the best generator tool that I have ever found for this game. As of now I was not able to see any working alternatives but to be honest they aren’t needed as the hack tool already gives you everything. No matter how many resources you are going to need I am sure the hack is going to fit your needs.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks for beginners

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the more balanced free-to-play games and you don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to have some fun. Nevertheless it depends on your claims, if you want to become one of the best players you will need more resources than you could farm.

New players should think about rerolling

Many players of Fire Emblem Heroes keep deleting and then reinstalling their game until they pull a strong hero. This might be one of the most boring and annoying tips of them all but it is definitely worth your time. If you end up pulling one or two five-star rated characters it was definitely worth the effort. As it only depends on luck it can take some time until you end up pulling at least one of the rare characters that are also the most powerful ones available in the game.

Use high rated Characters

Try to battle only with four to five star rated units even if they aren’t your favorites . They will usually perform better in duels as the growth potential is bigger.

fire emblem heroes units

Collect daily Rewards

If you start Fire Emblem Heroes once a day and play a little bit you will get rewarded for it with different items. On weekends there are special prices available so make sure to collect them if you can.

Tier List

All of you should have a look at the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list, there you can easily find out which units you should try to get. From time to time you should visit the tier list and look for changes as this can change with every update. As of now I would suggest you to get Lyn, Nowi, Reinhardt and Zelgius.

Upgrade your Castle

Most players tend to spend all their Orbs on hero summonings but they should rather focus on upgrading their Castle as this will give them a permanent experience boost. You can find the castle upgrade on the Home screen of Fire Emblem Heroes by pressing the green castle icon on the right top.

Get more Crystals and Shards

By tapping the fountain on the home screen you can find the quests menu. There you will be able to find story line quests but also monthly quests by pressing the right arrow next to crystals and shards. Monthly quests have special requirements like having a bow-user in your team or only use a certain color of units.

fire emblem heroes tips

Watch your Stamina

Nintendo wants you to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes in short doses so you should not spend all your stamina at once. Most of the tasks will require stamina so you may have to wait sometimes before you can continue plying the game.

Link your Nintendo Account

You can get 10 free Orbs for linking your Nintendo account to your Fire Emblem Heroes game. If you did that you can easily collect the resources by pressing the fountain and then tapping on the blue and silver icon at the right top of your display. The icon should be glowing if you did not collect the Orbs already.